Inaugural IMTQA Boston Conference



OCT. 5, 2018

UEWM is one of the leaders in medical research and practice in traditional Chinese Tai Chi and Qigong to cure diseases and improve medical conditions. Teaming up with doctors and researchers in major medical schools around the world, such as the Harvard Medical School, the Benson and Henry Institute in Massachusetts General Hospital, the Tufts Medical School, the Shenzhen University of China, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the International Medical Tai Chi and Qigong Association ( iMTQA) was formed in October 5th 2018 at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston.
Oct 5 has been a historical and excited day for all the Tai Chi/Qigong experts, scholars, researchers, clinicians and medical doctors. The iMTQA was initiated by a group of doctors from Harvard Medical School who see the potential and importance of using Tai Chi/Qigong for treating medical and mental conditions. The purpose of iMTQA is to promote Medical Tai Chi and Qigong practice in Western medicine, to provide a venue to address proposed iMTQA accreditation standards, and to provide a forum for exchange of scientific knowledge.
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Start Time

12:00 上午

10 月 5, 2018

Finish Time

12:00 上午

10 月 5, 2018

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